JOIN the Jr. Sailing Committee

Park City Sailing is looking for a few folks to join the Jr. Sailing Committee. How to volunteer. Send an email to Buster at or call him at 435-659-1360.

We need to add some additional voices to the organization of Jr. Sailing in Park City. Things to figure out may include:

  • Adding STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) curriculum to PC Sailing – E.g. Marine Biology, …. (this is the big trend in sailing programs these days)
  • Full day sailing camp
  • Pick-up drop off areas in Park City and/or Kimball Junction - carpools, contracting a bus, ...
  • Growing the racing program - road trips and a travel team to regional and national regattas
  • Adding keel boat instruction and cruising to the program
  • Jr. Sailing fundraiser to support lowering fees and growing scholarship programs
  • All the other stuff that you're thinking about and want to see :)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: How much of a time and effort commitment is required? A: As much as you want to commit, we're looking to add some new voices and ideas to the committee, not to load new committee members with lots of activities.
  2. Q: How often will the Committee meet? A: Approximately monthly with a break over some of the winter months.
  3. Q: Will I get some PC Sailing Schwag? A: Almost certainly, committee members will get a t-shirt, hat, more TBD, ...
  4. Q: Will I have to be a fundraiser? A: NO, but we are hoping to do some fundraising and will welcome help.

How to volunteer. Send an email to Buster at or call him at 435-659-1360.