Boat Access Program

Enjoy sailing from early May until the end of September with our Access program. Experienced members can take out our fleet of J/22's and Rhodes 19's for 3-hour sails, up to 7 days in advance. Check out the scheduling tool.



J/22 & Rhodes 19 Access - $550
Rhodes 19 Access - $335

HOw to gain access

  1. Join Park City Sailing.

  2. Sign up for the Access program.

  3. Once you have registered for the Access program, you will be contacted by one of our instructors to take a a skipper's check-out test. (Previous Access program do not need to re-take the test.)

  4. After you pass the skipper's check-out, you will be able to reserve boats via our online scheduling tool.

Skippers Test Evaluation Criteria

J/22 Operations Checklist

Rhodes 19 Operations Checklist

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact:
Scott VerMerris at