Junior Sailing Race Team



$1300 - full season (8 or 9 weeks)
*$900 - full season if participant provides his/her own boat

$900 - half season (4 weeks)
*$500 - half season if participant provides his/her own boat

Fees do not include costs related to travel. Charter boat availability is limited. We recommend providing your own boat.

Race team is for kids who have demonstrated mastery of the sailing fundamentals and have completed Intermediate classes and want to take their passion for sailing to a new level. Race team will continue to refine boat handling and sail trim skills while adding more knowledge and use of the Racing Rules in Starting, Mark Rounding, Tacking, Gybing, and Boat-for-Boat tactics. Race Team members will also learn to recognize and take advantage of weather and wind changes to improve their competitive position.

While focused on the Optimist Dinghy or Club 420, Race Teamers will be exposed to a variety of dinghies and keel boats to broaden their knowledge and skill-set. Race Team will formally meet from June 12- August 11 M-F, and include participation in racing on Tuesday (and possibly Thursday) nights, Junior regatta and Fall regatta. There will also be opportunities to road trip for racing in Colorado, the West Coast and elsewhere. Program schedule may be amended based on participation in road trips