Junior Sailing Camp Scholarships

A mission of the Park City Sailing Association is to enable youth to experience the joy of sailing regardless of ability to pay.

As a result, we have developed a scholarship program to provide financial support for those who would otherwise be unable to afford our sailing programs. This support is funded through a combination of charitable contributions and a portion of our fees and tuition.

  • Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of need, program/date requested, student/family tenure with Park City Sailing, student commitment and availability of funds.

  • With that in mind, we ask that applicants limit scholarship requests only to the amount needed so that funds can be stretched to assist as many students as possible. In addition, we ask that applicants select camps in the slower demand periods (usually the first 2 or 3 sessions) when there is a lower risk of selling out.

  • Finally, we depend on volunteer efforts to help keep our programs going. If you have time, skills, resources, etc. which may be contributed to assist our efforts, we will take this into account when considering the application for scholarship, though it is not a requirement.

park city sailing scholarship application

Before submitting an application, please complete the online registration for the camp(s) for which you are applying.  When completing registration, add “Request Scholarship” in the comments section and select “Pay Offline” when checking out.  Then,  complete the application below. On submit, it will be sent to scholarships@parkcitysailing.org. Our scholarship committee will then review and make every effort to fulfill your request within 2 weeks.