June 23 Laser results

So, the mighty Jordanelle failed to deliver much in the way of breeze last night, allowing for only one race before dying altogether.   Race committee PRO for the night was Caleb King who had the mark boat, ably handled by Wyatt Pike, dragging marks all over the lake but was wise enough not to let another race go off.  He opted instead for an all-out kinetics race before repurposing the mark boat as a RDV (“refreshment” delivery vehicle).  Well done Caleb and Wyatt! It was nice to see the numbers creep back up with some first timers out there but there are still a lot of couch dwellers that we’re hoping to get out.  Come on – it doesn’t get any easier or more fun than this!

We've been working on a season standings scoring system which is what you'll find here.  Please note that there is a tab for overall season standings and then you can see week by week results. I'll also post the daily results each week.  Results can be found here:


2015 Laser Scoring Sheet - Week 4