2015 Jr. Race Team

Registration is open for jr. sailors to join the 2015 Park City Sailing Jr. Race Team. The Jr. Race team will be meeting afternoons, M-F from June 15 through August 12th. Tuesdays will see racing until around 8pm.

Coach Cole Schreiber will be leading the charge with the team. Road trips are in the works to go to:

  1. June 27-28: USODA Northwest Championship, Columbia Gorge Racing Association, PORTLAND, OR 97014
  2. July 24-26: 2015 USA Jr. Olympic Sailing Festival - DENVER, CO - July 24-26
  3. August 1-2: Dillon Open - FRISCO, CO
  4. August 8-9: USODA West Coast Championships - VENTURA, CA

Kids that are interested in joining the race team can register here: http://sailpc.org/camp/2015-jr-sailing-race-team/

Questions? Contact Bill Rusconi at bill.rusconi@parkcitysailing.org or 801-509-6499