Park City Sailing Fleet

The Park City Sailing Association’s fleet has grown each season. From a borrowed power boat in the summer of 2008, the membership has worked tirelessly to raise funds as well as organize donations to develop a fleet that permits us to expand to meet the wide needs of our community.

Davis' folly


In the summer of 2011 we acquired our first J/22 keelboat which permitted us to establish both our Boat Access Program and our Adult Sailing Program. Due to the popularity of both programs we acquired our second J/22 keelboat for the 2012 season. The J/22’s also enable us to host special day and week-long sailing camps for other summer youth programs in our community. For 2015, the J’s were given new sails through a donation of one of the PC Sailing families.

Rhodes 19


Through the generosity of one of our families, PCSA received a donation of a Rhodes 19. This sturdy 19 footer became a popular family boat as she is stable and very comfortable. She also sits on a mooring to keep her user friendly for intermediate sailors. For 2016 we have expanded our Rhodes fleet to 4 boats. They are undergoing an extensive renovation and each of the boats will be rigged identically (eventually) with the latest fittings.  

Elliot 6m


During the spring of 2013 PCSA received a donation of a fleet of 8 Elliot 6 Meter boats. The donor was the Sailing Educational Association of Sheboygan (SEAS). The Elliots are identical to the boats used during the 2012 Olympic Games in London. So far the fleet has been used to support Wounded Warrior programs as well as the Thursday Night Keel Boat Racing Series.

Optimist Dinghy


Our Junior Sailing Program is supported by our 14 club owned Optimist sailing prams. The “Opti” was selected by our Board due to its ideal trainer characteristics as well as the fact that in any given year there are over 150,000 Optis being sailed in over 100 countries. In addition to our club owned boats, there are several privately owned Optis in our program. For 2015 all of the club owned boats received new sails through a donation from one of our families.

College 420's

Club 420 - 6 sailboats

For the 2012 season we acquired four Club 420 sailboats. These 14 foot two person boats are ideal for teenagers and they are one of the most frequently raced boats on the inter-collegiate circuit. Our 420’s are rigged with a trapeze and spinnakers that provide both a physical and advanced experience for the intermediate young sailor. In 2014 we acquired 2 more Club 420’s to support our expanding program with groups such as the University of Utah and the Park City High School Sailing Club.

Laser sailboat


Our adult sailing members privately own 42+ Laser Class Olympic sailing dinghies. The majority of these boats are stored in our secured facility on either racks or owner provided dollies. The spars and sails for the Lasers are stored in our 40’ cargo container, which is 100 yards from our paved launching ramp. Sail PC also owns 5 lasers that can be leased for Tuesday night racing.

Park City Sailing 17' Whaler


Our primary race committee and safety boat is a Montauk 17 ‘Boston Whaler. Complementing it are our  smaller power boats which are three 13’ Boston Whalers and a 11′ Boston Whaler.  These fast and unsinkable boats support all of our programs.

Merit 25

MERIT 25 & O'Day 19

At the end of the 2017 season we accepted the donation of a Merit 25 and an O'Day 19. Plans are underway for a learn-to-cruise, night sailing, GPS navigation and over night sailing programs on the Merit 25. The O'Day 19 sees exclusive use with the Jr. Program.