Adult Sailing News

//Adult Sailing News

Adult Sailing News

The Jordanelle is going to fill up to 100% of capacity and probably reach that level earlier than we have experienced. With this in mind, our boat committee is beginning to get the fleet ready for sailing. Based on the number of early season members for the Access fleet and group / private lessons, it appears that our members are ready to begin sailing.

Last weekend a team of volunteers pulled our moorings to shore to begin their seasonal maintenance. Over the April 29th and 30th weekend, we will be asking for an “all hands on deck”, turnout of members to help begin the launching of the fleet. It is important to understand that much of the work around the club falls on the shoulders of our Board and our members. Volunteerism is the core of our success and is how we keep our fees as low as they are.

Geoff Hurwitch and his volunteers have a host of rigging improvements and cosmetic upgrades to the Rhodes and the J’s. He plans on having a least 1 J22 and 1 Rhodes in the water by the first week in May. The balance to the fleet will follow shortly.

Scot VerMerris will be retuning as our Director of Adult Programs and he will available after May 1. Until then, Ken Block will be available to answer your questions. or 435-602-2707

New this year will be our Fleet Captain Program. We will be announcing names shortly. Fleet Captains will be assisting Scott, Ken and Geoff in watching over the condition of the boats and helping create more social sailing events for members to meet other members. Stay tuned.